Dozaw strives to ensure providing its customers with the best aftersale services by providing spare parts, maintenance, and product warranty services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of Ministry of Commerce, as follows:
- Manufacturing guarantee for two years (excluding accessories).
- Maximum repair time of 15 days from the maintenance request date (not including the time needed to provide the necessary spare parts).
- Providing rare spare parts within a maximum period of 14 days from the request date of the spare parts.
- Customers shall be entitled to a temporary product or 1÷400 (equal 0.25%) of the product value for every day of delay at the maintenance in the cases prescribed by law.
- Maintenance quality guarantee for 30 days.
- Replying to customers` complaint, providing them with the required information, updating them on complaint progress within 5 days, and providing them with final responses to their complaints within a maximum period of 30 days.
- Transporting customers’ appliances from remote areas or products which cannot be safely transported via ordinary means of transportation within a maximum period of 7 days from the maintenance request date.

For all brands that Dozaw is an authorized service center

For more details Please call our customer service at 00966590103319

For all the other brands, customers kindly request
contact the certified service centers of the local
agent directly

Dozaw is delighted to provide our customers with the agent’s contact details via
the free number 00966590103319 or download the supplier contact info:

SuppliersMatrix (23kb)

Download XLSX

For customers subscribed in Dozaw extended
warranty program offered by eXtra
Terms and conditions prescribed by the service contract at the time of purchase

General Provisions:

- This policy and terms shall apply to all appliances sold after
- Warranty starts on the date of purchase stated on the invoice. In order to benefit from these services, customers are kindly request to show the original invoice and present it when requesting maintenance.
- Where spare parts are custom made or of special technical specifications, the time need for providing the same shall
be seperately agreed upon with the customer.
- Consumables, such as all kind of oils, are not covered by warranty. For more details , please refer to the warranty
guide enclosed with the product.
- The value-added service program with the extended warranty offered by Dozaw shall include, but not replace, the
manufacturer’s warranty. It rather provides additional benefits throughout the manufacturer’s warranty period and
continues (after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty) to provide certain aspects of the manufacturer’s warranty
and additional benefits as explained in the program’s terms and conditions. For more details, please refer to the copy of the service contract.
- Customers shall be entitled to a replacement product or retrieval of product value (after deducting the value of fair
usage) in the cases prescribed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s law.
- The estimated lifespan varies from one product to another. Please refer to the user manual in order to know the
lifespan of the product you wish to purchase.
- Warranty services provided by the Agent/Importer are not the responsibility of Dozaw. This includes spare part
availability, repair period, and/or quality of repair. The customer is to contact the warranty service provider directly in
case of complaints or any other concern.
- Dozaw welcomes your comments and complaints via the toll-free number 00966590103319.

General Exclusions from Manufacturer’s Warranty:
- Faults or malfunctions due to misuse of the customer, failure to observe product use instructions, neglect, accidents, sabotage, maintenance that does not comply with manufacturer’s recommendations, or neglect of maintenance.
- If serial numbers are tempered with or altered.
- The cost of replacement of lost or consumed parts (buttons, remote control units, light bulbs, batteries, ..etc).
- Paint faults, scratches, and problems caused by improper installations which are not authorized by the manufacturer.