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What is Dozaw?

Dozaw is an E-Commerce Platform that allows business and industrial companies of all kinds to exchange their products, services, and experiences with customers and interested parties.

Why Dozaw?

Dozaw Provides effective solutions for in industrial business by connecting companies and suppliers to each other to increase sales and facilitate communication methods and save time to complete the work in the best possible way.


Dozaw's Best Buy

Customers often have difficulty searching for suppliers of companies and products they want to buy with better prices and offers. Here comes Dozaw's Role as a special advisor to help customers reach their desired goal as quickly as possible, buying in the best way that suits their requirements and needs.

About our online store

dozaw.com is an online trading portal that supplies and buys HVAC systems, industrial refrigeration, equipment, tools and other metals in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Douzao's suppliers and buyers are not only to purchase and supply machinery but also to provide customers with all recommendations, Living and general engineering support with comprehensive technical before advice quotation creation.

We await for the purchaser and the marketer and within our motto and our rule which we buy and we will supply to the customers. We propose a monetary value to a customer which constantly would be uncompetitive, our quotes will cover all guarantees for full functioning, delivery, installation and maintenance. we present to customer many alternatives to select from all price options, among all that, customers will get offers right away from all of options and brands is one of the most important websites to shop online via the Internet in the Arab Gulf region, a Saudi business entity 100% , which is in a major Saudi business groups industrial member has properties in multiple commercial, industrial and service entities helped make dozaw.com ,featured in prices and permanent presence in multiple places to facilitate the best and most complete selection of products.

Dozaw Branches, headquarters and offices
Take dozaw.com from Saudi Arabia - based in Jeddah with branches, headquarters, offices and representative offices in the following countries:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Head Office

Registered branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An online store provides B2B & B2C services to the Chinese market,)

China - Guangzhou

Registered branch in China. Online store provides services for B2B and B2C Chinese market. Services for the Indian Market / Technical / Software Development Center. Dozau ®

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Administrative Services Headquarters.

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We are a member of the (Maarouf) platform of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce (No.: 16686) dozaw.com Online business portal for supplying and purchasing HVAC, industrial cooling, equipment, tools and other metals in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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